The call:

Dynasty of Love

The Dynasty of love

Eurovision Live, Iasi (Romania), 27 Ianuarie. Broadcasting Television: TVR1, TVR2, TVR International:

Throughout history, the human mankind has witnessed various eras governed by many dynasties. For 6000 years we have been living in an Age ruled by a dynasty of love which reflected peace, progressive goals and unity. For some, this dynasty is a reality, and they live by breathing daily its perfume, each contributing to raising its standard, while for others it is a desideratum, a portal for something better or an ideal. Our very existence is in itself an expression of love.

        “The Call of Love's Dynasty” is an indulgence to reflect and aspire to an Era of love, pure feeling, where words are spoken with responsibility because they are valuable and meaningful; the behavior is irreproachable, and material things are fragile - similar to a crown of glass. The path of those who live within this Age is not always sprinkled with rose petals, but sometimes with thorns too which do not steal its charm, yet reinforce values of perseverance throughout the test of time. Kings and queens who are part of this dynasty are represented by the hearts of those who love or are being loved. Under the reign of this dynasty walkways and bridges are built between hearts and souls.

        This dynasty of love will exist as long as we believe in it and we will act accordingly through dedicating time and effort in order to maintain its' perpetuity.

         Live la Eurovision, Iasi, 27 Ianuarie. Broadcasting Television: TVR1, TVR2, TVR International:

De-a lungul istoriei, omenirea a trecut prin diverse epoci sub numeroase dinastii. De 6000 de ani trăim aspirând la o epocă guvernată de o dinastie a iubirii conturată de pace, țeluri progresiste, unitate. Pentru unii această dinastie a iubirii este o realitate și o trăiesc respirându-i zilnic parfumul contribuind fiecare la ridicarea standardului acesteia, în vreme ce pentru alții este un deziderat, un portal spre ceva mai bun, sau un ideal. Însăși existența noastră este o expresie a iubirii.

        Melodia “Dynasty of love” este o reflecție asupra Erei iubirii, asupra sentimentului pur, unde cuvintele se pronunță cu responsabilitate deoarece au valoare și greutate, comportamentul fiind ireproșabil, iar lucrurile materiale sunt fragile asemenea unei coroane de sticlă. Viața celor care trăiesc în aceasta Era nu este întotdeauna presărată cu petale de trandafir, ci uneori și cu spini care îi întăresc statornicia valorii prin testul timpului. Regii și reginele care fac parte din aceasta dinastie sunt reprezentați de inimile celor care iubesc, sau a celor dragi. Sub aceasta dinastie se construiesc punți și poduri între suflete și inimi de peste 6000 de ani.

        Dinastia iubirii va exista atâta vreme cât vom crede în ea și vom acționa depunând eforturi în consecință pentru a-i asigura perpetuitatea.

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The Dynasty of Love


DAW Project - Samplitude

Music & Producer:
Florin Chitiul

Bernice Chitiul
Florin Chitiul
Adina Donat
Mihaela Buta

Bernice Chitiul

Ioana Lucia Berechet

Lina Sandén

Mihai Boicu

Paula Rad

Societatea Română de Televiziune

Animated graphics:
Florin Chitiul

Mihaela Buta

Florin Chitiul - Author

To Compose music for all tastes it could be a target for a young composer. The experience shows however that the desire to be necessarily enjoyable at the cost of lowering the compositional quality of the audio material brings ephemeral successes and desensitizes the author's stringency towards quality performances. We are therefore confronted with the systematic and progressive degradation of the quality of the music and its message, having a choice to be in tune with the passing fashion or to be in tune with the genuine music. I will always choose the second option.

“The Dynasty of Love” does not require translation or interpretation, and encompasses all the specificity of the divine nature of man. It is aimed at melomans, those who want to return to high emotional states or those who want to try new ones.

Iaşi is a city that liberates culture, starting with history and reaching the traffic. Choosing this location for the Eurovision show on February 27 was inspired. TVR this time has come up with innovations and finishes with good intentions but which have generated an organizational earthquake. For those uninformed, the deployment of forces and the technique for such a mobile event is considerable and the costs are high.

Florin Chitiul

Bernice Chitiul

Being caught up with opera projects and other commitments down in UK, Eurovision was for me a beautiful holiday; a fresh air I dare say. If I did not have had a well deserved winter holiday, well this has captured the right moment. The time spent with my colleagues on the stage and backstage seemed to have lasted for eternity, hence we cherished a common passion for music and every second spent together. Eurovision means a competition with myself, a self analysis, to learn from the other competitors and finally a means by which to salute the audience who really appreciates my music. Drawing people closer to listen to more refined music has been and still will be my main aim without searching acceptance or fame. Till next time! Sending positive vibes to my future me and colleagues next year :)

Bernice Chitiul

Lina Sanden

Lina Sandén is a Swedish singer and songwriter. Her first public release was the song “Trying” in 2013 on the British label Infrasonic Recordings, a song produced by Hungarian DJ’s Vidoven and Meridian. She participated in Eurovision Romania with her song “After you” in 2017 and in 2018 she reached the semi-final in Focsani with the song “A love worth falling for”. She regularly performs in Budapest and Bucharest.


Paula Rad

A fost o experienta minunata si ma bucur ca am fost din nou pe scena alaturi de Bernice. In ciuda faptului ca amândouă am fost răcite bine, a fost frumos si am dat glas melodiei potrivit încărcăturii noastre emoționale de moment =)

Fiind din nou în Iași, unde mi-am terminat masteratul în canto, mi-a trezit emoțiile studenției și a muzicii de atunci și de acum.

Paula Rad

Ioana Lucia Berechet

For me, this wonderful experience was so beneficial. It brought great value because as I worked by myself and also with the team, I deepened my knowledge regarding my vocal abilities and my musical hearing. In the end, everything clicked into place: a spellbinding moment. I have been blessed to take part in this project and it is my dream to continue and excel on this path. I hope to be given more opportunities like this

  • by Florin Chitiul