When everybody's having fun, and I decide to practice..:)

Highlight your scores properly, so that you may be able to read them in any circumstances :D

While traveling back to UK in a cab from Luton, this rather weird but also interesting blue light provoked my imagination. It really felt as if I was pleasing my friends by attending their party and I brought the scores with me, just in case - there might be quite a waste of time. Just accepted to be there physically, but somewhere else with my mind… within the realms of chords and words that I need to learn by heart as there will be soon rehearsals!!!!

We never know, highlight your words properly singers!! So that you may be able to read the scores in any circumstances :). I thought to myself that even if in reality I would have been indeed asked kindly to attend a party without having the option to refuse, I would have acted the same way :) or bring a book to read.

I'm sorry, I am very selfish right now. :D


Florin Chitiul, 25 October2018

Do you mean practicing is not fanny? =)

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