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Too Busy for my Heart - Salt Mine Turda

“Too Busy for my Heart” - at 100 m underground

Too Busy For my Heart
Too Busy For my Heart - Instrumental

Lyrics: Too Busy For my Heart
Too busy for my heart - PDF

“Too Busy for my Heart” is a song with a high level of live singing difficulty which implied a strong focus from more other people than those of the stage performers. The song’s message is not way more unique than that of the other ones which were composed in roughly five minutes yet requiring hundreds of working hours and revisions. That being said, it was a quite sinuous journey starting with the sketch of the song then the text all the way through to its’ final stage version.

The Romanian Television’s efforts to organize a subterranean world’s premiere show proved itself remarkable. Technically speaking tens of thousands of electricity Wati and electronic equipment were supplied by a generator based at the surface of the earth. The estimated cable length of over 13 km - which the TVR tech team has unreeled starting one week before the event - is not exaggerated at all. The live transmission of the event raised other technical problems too – mainly because of the distance and equipment transport issues from the surface of the earth to the “underworld”.

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Too Busy for my Heart

“Too Busy for my Heart” - Eurovision Song Contest

“Never take things for granted. Let's not be too busy for our hearts, that of others' and of course mine :)”

How many of us haven’t seen youngsters who don’t address each other while having a walk in the park, all of them having their heads tilted towards their mobile phones and being so preoccupied with superficial communication? Such aggregation most of the time in groups does not represent the identified element of the human race but the care and attentiveness towards those surrounding us. Let's have a listen!

The Soul of the Song

Since we live in a world where technology is constantly developing, and creates a detriment of peoples' collaboration and cooperation progress, our society unfortunately does not find real formulae to make us more sensitive, attentive and loving towards our loved ones.
Therefore I find it opportune to send a message for the soul to the music lovers by means of which they are urged to not allow their hearts to get busy with insignificant matters and to not let themselves be deceived by the false feeling of friendship that social media offers.

2018 Eurovision Semifinal

Going successfully through the first live rounds,“Too busy for my heart” by Florin Chitiul, seems to have 'caught' the judges' hearts. Is it going to be chosen further? Let us be surprised.
You can watch us on Sunday, February 11, starting at 21:00 GMT+2, 19 GMT, in a live show organized by Public Romanian Television, TVR, into the Salt-mine Turda. This is one of the 5 chosen locations where the Romanian Eurovision Semifinals take place this year.

Stay tuned!

Download "Too Busy for my Heart"

Too Busy For my Heart
Too Busy For my Heart - Instrumental

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  • by Florin Chitiul