The art of Connecting with People

What means the Art of Connecting with People to you?

What does friendship mean to you? Who are your best friends and what goals do you have in common?

Philia, Storge, Agape Eros, Ludus, Mania, Pragma

Most people fail to understand the difference between the real and fictional/surface friends. We are human beings that have been born with the need to be loved and thus feel the need to connect and love in return. Yet how do you see giving and receiving love? Many perceive love differently and thus show it in different ways. Some people describe it as cuddling, talking with each other when in need or sad, sending hello messages every day, posting pics together on social media etc. My point is that true love, I am referring here for the time being to the “Agape” type of love - as there are many types of love, thanks to the Greek vocabulary - could be manifested through the active exchange of experiences, thoughts, ideas, goals and LASTLY feelings. From my point of view feelings cloud any possible straight judgement. Or - to please some of you out there - feelings are just the cherry on the cake, a bonus. This - I dare say - very well addresses the other love type, “Storge”, found in relationships too. (Don't throw anything at me yet :) - if you experience the following types of love in your relationship: eros, ludus, mania or pragma - you might need to do some introspection in your life).

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12 May 2018 · 3 Comments

When everybody's having fun, and I decide to practice..:)

Highlight your scores properly, so that you may be able to read them in any circumstances :D

While traveling back to UK in a cab from Luton, this rather weird but also interesting blue light provoked my imagination. It really felt as if I was pleasing my friends by attending their party and I brought the scores with me, just in case - there might be quite a waste of time. Just accepted to be there physically, but somewhere else with my mind… within the realms of chords and words that I need to learn by heart as there will be soon rehearsals!!!!

We never know, highlight your words properly singers!! So that you may be able to read the scores in any circumstances :). I thought to myself that even if in reality I would have been indeed asked kindly to attend a party without having the option to refuse, I would have acted the same way :) or bring a book to read.

I'm sorry, I am very selfish right now. :D

24 April 2018 · 1 Comment



The art's core is driven by passion. Passion is driven by love. Few people, most of them - artists - are aware of the emotional states of pure feeling that art can awake in them. It is a transient sensation.This pure feeling can be manifested when one can do nothing but experience the sensation, beyond tears or any sort of response into which nothing else can intrude. Because of its' scarcity, it is attractive, it is attractive to some. Why some? Because of the universal law of attraction. One is attracted to what they subconsciously completely or partially are.

People brag about this emotion - Love. But sometimes they expect to experience it through artificially phasing out resentments or even hatred, whereas they fail to realise that they attract what they truly are.

24 April 2018 · 0 Comments

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