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Obiectivul nostru este crearea unui template saumai multor tempalturi multifunctionale (save as template)

Online Help:

Object Editor Snapshots:YouTube

Spectral View Introduction:

Samplitude Pro X Spectral View Introduction - YouTube

Midi Editor Docking:

Samplitude Pro X: Midi Editor Docking - YouTube

Midi Time Stretching:

Samplitude Pro X: Midi Timestretching - YouTube

MIDI - Retrograde (Reverse):

Samplitude Pro X: MIDI - Retrograde (Reverse) - YouTube

MIDI - Melody Inversion:

Samplitude Pro X: MIDI - Melody Inversion - YouTube

New MIDI Object in Range:

Samplitude Pro X: New MIDI Object in Range - YouTube

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Prezent si in ProX si in Sequoia

Colectie de DVD-uri, 20 pana in iunie 2014, care au loopuri etc si sunt depozitate aici: d:\Samples\Magix Soundpools\

Hard Kituri:\- Audio\Samples\MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection\

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