Draw the IMPULSE Folder to have an empty impulse

Then navigate from the Workspace folder to where you have the samples and drag a sound from the pulse tab there to get the sound

Make an audio track, place a wave (a loop drums in particular) and mark the desired area to be able to handle the impulse

Then make a midi track in this way
Draw the title from there to open the empty tool in the blank space in the Arrangement viewer

then you choose

The point is to keep loop selection in the sample tray and then select the Impulse Trak without deselecting what you just selected above. The selection is made by pressing the impulse trak here

Then it draws on the wave title (not selection because it can not wave that it is deselected) in a button of the impulse:

If you want to put a musical sound instead of the drums, you could choose the duration and type of sustain so:

then you name it
right click

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