Ableton Device Group

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Contains a group of virtual audio devices that can be loaded by Ableton Live, a music production program; may include software instruments or audio effects; provides an easy way to load multiple devices at one time.

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Creating Racks

Four Rack variants cover the range of Live’s devices: Instrument Racks, Drum Racks, Audio

Effect Racks and MIDI Effect Racks. Just as with track types, each kind of Rack has rules

regarding the devices it contains:


• MIDI Effect Racks contain only MIDI effects, and can only be placed in MIDI tracks.

• Audio Effect Racks contain only audio effects, and can be placed in audio tracks.

They can also be placed in MIDI tracks, as long as they are downstream from an


• Instrument Racks contain instruments, but can additionally contain both MIDI and

audio effects. In this case, all MIDI effects have to be at the beginning of the Instrument

Rack’s device chain, followed by an instrument, and then any audio effects.

• Drum Racks are similar to Instrument Racks; they can contain instruments as well as

MIDI and audio effects and their devices must be ordered according to the same signal

ow rules. Drum Racks can also contain up to six return chains of audio effects, with

independent send levels for each chain in the main Rack.

There are different ways to create Racks. A new, empty Rack can be created by dragging a

generic Rack preset (Audio Effect Rack, for example) from the Device Browser into a track.

Devices can then be dropped directly into the Rack’s Chain List or Devices view, which are

introduced in the next section.

If a track already has one or more devices that you would like to group into a Rack, then

simply select the title bars of those devices in the Track View, and (PC) / Ctrl (Mac)

on one of the title bars to reveal the Group and Group to Drum Rack commands in the

context menu. Note that if you repeat one of these commands again on the same device,

you will create a Rack within a Rack. You can also group multiple chains within a Rack using

the same procedure. Doing this also creates a Rack within a Rack. In the Track View, the

contents of Racks are always contained between end brackets: Just as with punctuation or

in mathematics, a Rack within a Rack will have a pair of brackets within a pair of brackets.

To ungroup devices, dismantling their Racks, select the Rack’s title bar, and then use the

Edit menu or the context menu to access the Ungroup command.


Components of an

Effect Rack.
Effect rack


Components of a Drum


Drum rack|

1. Racks have distinct views that can be shown or hidden as needed. Therefore,

every Rack has a view column on its far left side that holds the corresponding

view selectors. The actual view selectors available differ depending on whether

an Instrument, Drum or Effect Rack is being used.

2. Macro Controls

3. Chain List. In Drum Racks, this view can include both drum chains and return


4. Devices

5. Racks are also identiable by their round corners, which bracket and enclose their

content. When the Devices view is shown, the end bracket visually detaches itself

to keep the Rack hierarchy clear.

6. Pad View. This is unique to Drum Racks.

To move, copy or delete an entire Rack at once, simply select it by its title bar (as opposed

to the title bars of any devices that it contains). When selected, a Rack can also be renamed

by using the Edit menu’s Rename command. You can also enter your own info text for a

Rack via the Edit Info Text command in the Edit menu or in the Racks’s (PC) / Ctrl

(Mac) context menu.

When all of a Rack’s views are hidden, its title bar will fold into the view column, making the

entire Rack as slim as possible. This has the same effect as choosing Fold from the (PC)

/ Ctrl (Mac) context menu or double-clicking on the Rack’s title bar.

If you would like to locate a particular device in a Rack without searching manually through

its entire contents, you will appreciate this navigation shortcut: (PC) / Ctrl (Mac)

on the Track View selector, and a hierarchical list of all devices in the track’s device chain will

appear. Simply select an entry from the list, and Live will select that device and move it into

view for you.

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