The bookstore puts it here:

w7: c:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Ableton\

Xp: c:\Documents and Settings\Toshiba\My Documents\

must be removed manually if you uninstall and you do not need it anymore. If you

delete it or move it Windows will think you have it.. in uninstall somehow the path

remains there … so cleaning is required. With the word ABLETON in the registers

does not do much, or at least it did not work, somewhere it remains written that he

has once installed a bookstore and remains with the idea that it is there.
- If I saw that this is the way, I changed it to a more human one: In

c:\Program Files Muzicale\Librarii Sunete Instalate\Ableton Library\
- Then, from the Obtions Library, I gave it the path to the new bookstore that

immediately recognized, after which I gave it Repair and it seems to have

confronted it's database with what was there and updated it slowly and surely. Projects from other people: c:\Program Files Muzicale\Ableton\Proiecte de le Terti\

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